Stack as we know is a Last In First Out(LIFO) data structure. It has the following operations :

Implementation of Stack using Linked List

Stacks can be easily implemented using a linked list. Stack…

The main difference between the two is that arrays can have any data type of any length while strings are usually ASCII characters that are terminated with a null character ‘\0’. Both are very different in terms of how they are being implemented in various programming languages. Arrays and strings…


Nowadays, computers are widely used for word processing applications such as creating, inserting, updating, and modifying textual data. Besides this, we need to search for a particular pattern within a text, delete it, or replace it with another pattern. So, there is a lot that we as users do…


One of the most common features of procedural programming languages is the concept of an array. Arrays seem like simple things but there are many questions that must be answered when adding them to a language, such as:-

fixed-size or variable-size?

is the size part of the type?


Megha Agarwal

2nd Year CSE UnderGraduate

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